Who We Are

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A Little About Us.

We are a vibrant, family-friendly, Christ-centered church in Holland, MI.

Our size and ministry emphases make it easy to get to know people in the church on a personal basis.

We are hungry for truth from God's Word and for learning how to live it out better every day.

As we open Scripture, we preach and study exegetically and typically go verse by verse.

We gather on 8th Street on the east side, in the area known locally as Holland Heights.

We always have room for one more.

We believe Jesus gave His Church a clear mandate in Scripture: to glorify Him by spreading the good news of the Gospel and helping believers become increasingly devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We want to see that take place at FBC, in our local community, in the greater Holland area, and all around the world.

We would love to have you join us for a Sunday service, connect through our online resources, or check out our latest preaching and teaching.

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Our Preaching and Teaching.

Scripture itself leads our preaching and teaching; not culture, not the latest trends, not stories, not anecdotes, and not pop psychology. We unapologetically believe...

  • that the Bible is God's perfect Word,
  • that all 66 books contained therein are vital for our growth,
  • that the point of preaching is to equip the church to think and live biblically,
  • and that every believer ought to strive to become a self-feeder, learning how to study God's Word accurately for themselves and doing so regularly.

We are convinced that the primary role of preaching is to boldly and unashamedly unfold the timeless and life-changing truths of Scripture in a way that is faithful and true to the original meaning of the text.

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Our Positions & Doctrine
Learn more about where we stand and what we believe.
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And, In Seeking To Love Our Community Like Christ...
...we are serious about personal discipleship. Interested?
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