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Sign Gifts and the Church Today

SUNDAYS / 9:30 AM / Fellowship Hall

Teacher: Pastor Ben

Are "sign gifts" for the Church today? Did they die out in the Early Church?

It almost goes without saying that there are diverse opinions about this topic. But how can we know for sure? What does Scripture actually say about it?

Join us as we explore those questions from the authority of God's Word.

Resources needed: Bible

*Foundations Training

SUNDAYS / 9:30 AM / Pastor's Office

Teacher: Pastor Ben

"Foundations" is the first resource we use with everyone on our disciple-making pathway. This simple book provides an easy roadmap for Bible study with someone you are discipling, building a rich relationship centered around growing in Christ.

In this interactive class, you will grow as a discipler, walking through each chapter as a group and learning how to lead another person through it. We will be picking it back up where we left off.

We do plan to reboot with a fresh cycle of training later in the year.

Resources needed: Bible, pen, Foundations book ($10, available at FBC)

*Will resume after "Sign Gifts and the Church Today" has concluded.

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