Current Classes & Groups

Foundations Training

SUNDAYS / 9:30 AM / Pastor's Office

Teacher: Ben Marx

"Foundations" is the first resource we use with everyone on our disciple-making pathway. This simple book provides an easy roadmap for Bible study with someone you are discipling, building a rich relationship centered around growing in Christ.

In this interactive class, you will grow as a discipler, walking through each chapter as a group and learning how to lead another person through it. We will be picking it back up where we left off.

We do plan to reboot with a fresh cycle of training later in the year.

Resources needed: Bible, pen, Foundations book ($10, available at FBC)

Spiritual Gifts

SUNDAYS / 9:30 AM / Auditorium

Teacher: Norm Brott

Learn what the Bible says about spiritual gifts and specifically what it can look like to use those within the church and throughout your life.

Resources needed: Bible