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Dinners for Six

General Info

Sign up as a couple or an individual and you will be placed in a small group for a three month cycle. Over the course of those three months, these six people will meet at least once a month to share a meal together. After groups are assigned, it will be up to each individual group to decide their meeting dates and plans. In the case of three couples, typically each couple will host once a month. The groups can choose to meet in a home, restaurant or other location. Dinners for Six is open to everyone 18 and up. For those who have children, each group can decide on their own if children will be a part of the meal or not.

Our cycles run Fall through Spring and we take summers off. After this three-month rotation, a new cycle will begin with new signups. Previous participants can choose if they want to sign up again, and new couples and individuals will be welcome to join.